*Oops - 13" Skater Skirt - Opal Holographic Iridescent - Final Sale SMALL

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*We accidentally made these with a slightly wider waistband than normal - making them a little higher-waisted. There is nothing wrong with them otherwise - just a small mistake on the waistband height :) - final sale SMALL only. The skirt shown in the photos is the actual skirt being sold here. You can see the larger waistband in the photos.

Stretch holographic opal print spandex high-waisted skater skirt. The shimmery reflective fabric shows a rainbow of colors in the light and swings and twirls with movement. The skirt length is 13" from top to bottom.

***** WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE HALLOWEEN ORDERS AS OF OCT 17 AT 7PM EST - AND ALL ORDERS ARE TAKING UP TO 2 WEEKS TO SHIP. Please understand that we are working as fast as we can and, like everyone else, are short-staffed. If you have a deadline (after Halloween), please include it in the notes and you must purchase USPS PRIORITY OR UPS 2-DAY SHIPPING.

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